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Your all-in-one Event-API

Build your own network! Event0 – From Zero To Hero is the first white label SaaS solution for business all around events in Germany. Invite your friends to events, chat with them, send newsletters and keep them updated. Just like Facebook, but secure and without advertising or booking fees.

State-of-the-Art Event API

We provide you all tools you need to build your own event network. Following features are part of our REST-API - ready to implement. 

CMS & App

Build your event pages or app with no effort. Create, manage &  integrate events, loactions and offers easily.

Event Analytics

All data in one place. Get insights based on events around you, the user behavior and develop simply better events.

Guest Management

State of the art guest list features to plan, manage & analyse community events. 

Payment Service

Integrated Ticketing & subscriptions services to earn money from the very first moment.


Our REST-API can be used for different scenarios – privat or public. One use-case germanwide is allcampus, a public community solution for students, including events and all kind of special offers launching this fall. Take a look. For more use-cases drop us a line.

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